About Phineas

Phineas was born on September 8, 2014 and he pretty much started out as a heinous looking critter, since I cannot draw to save my life. However, thanks to the amazing talent of Miss Devon Carlson at Pink Pueblo, she was able to clean him and turn my “ugly duckling” into a stunning peacock. I wanted Phineas to be elegant, simple and easy to use when it came to stamping. So many peacock stamps are a bit more intricate than I like and I wouldn’t use them due to all of the work that needed to go into them. With Phineas, not only is he beautiful as a stand-alone image on a card, you can emboss him, flake him or use his magnificent swirls as accents on your cards or projects. His versatility has got to be my favorite reason for loving him so much.
Phineas has not only been the subject of many beautiful cards, he has inspired an exclusive
Peacock colored Skittle from DoubleClick Connection that you can only get at So Suzy Stamps. I mean, seriously, we can’t have a peacock without some coordinating embellishments, right? Not only that, I am happy to announce that Sir Phineas has made his retail debut at Whole Foods in 17 locations throughout the Northeast. Thanks to the incredible talent of Karen Guethlein from The Brick Kiln, Phineas is in all of his gorgeous glory gracing some of her beautiful pottery.
With all of the love that Phineas gets, I would remiss if I didn’t send a big Thank You to the woman behind the name! When our peacock first came out he was sadly nameless. Kymona and I had a great idea of having a contest to actually NAME the stamp. We opened it up on social media and we had everyone vote. The final names were then published for our Design Team to do the final vote. Thanks to those incredible ladies and for Jenny Johnson for submitting the name, Phineas had a name!
I am beyond grateful for everyone who has had a hand in shaping our special peacock and for those of you who have lovingly taken him into your home to enjoy his splendid glory on your crafty projects!

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